Friday, April 14, 2017


The New Doctor
An old man visited a new doctor. He was very young.
" I don't feel well , doctor,"he said."Please find out what's wrong with me."
"Take off your clothes /kləʊðz/and lie on the bed," the young doctor said," I'll examine you."
The old man took off his clothes and lay down on the bed, and the young doctor examined him.However he couldn't find anything wrong with the old man.

He listened to his heart.He looked into his throat. He examined every  part of him.
At last he said," I'm sorry,but I can't find anything wrong with you.You're as healthy as I am."
" That's very strange," the old man said ," because I feel really bad."
" Come back tomorrow and see me again if you don't feel better," the young doctor said. " I'll examine you again."
" All right ,doctor,"the old man said.
Slowly,he stood up and put on his clothes. Then he walked out of the hospital.
A few seconds later,the doctor's nurse ran in. "Doctor !Doctor! "she cried." That man you said was healthy has just died outside the door."
The doctor thought quickly. "Then turn the body around so that's people will think he was coming in," he said./. 

   Daniel Doan*Paula Le* Kimmy Nguyen

Clothes /kləʊðz/  phát âm: /clothes    quần áo
Cloth    /klɒθ/      phát âm:  /clothvải may quần áo 
clothe   /kləʊð      phát âm: /clothe/cung cấp quần áo
clothed /kləʊðd/   phát âm: /clothed/ cách ăn mặc