Tuesday, December 24, 2019


https://www.ba-bamail.comHilarious Pics With Santa to Put You in a Jolly Mood
Edited By: Bhavesh Bhimani

#1."So what if he's not a reindeer? He's my Rudolph this Christmas."
             Santa at the Mall
 Source: CamerasOnCopsReport

#2 When you say a bad word in front of Santa
            Santa at the Mall
Source: Broseph_Of_Nazareth

#3. "Why is he wearing the same outfit as me?"
                   Santa at the Mall
Source: shoota60

#4. "He's been my Santa for 10 years!"
Santa at the Mall
Source: GL_Prods_DIE

#5. "I think he's older than me."
                         Santa at the Mall
Source: MichaelDerp

#6. You really shouldn't mess with Santa!
Santa at the Mall
Source: BakingBatman

#7. "What?! You mean I am not getting my Christmas gifts today?!"
Santa at the Mall
Source: Ashyvegy

#8. "Only I will get to pose with Santa."Santa at the Mall

#9. "No, wait! There are enough gifts for you too."
            Santa at the Mall
Source: mrsktpierce

#10. "You mean, this is the real Santa Claus behind me?"Santa at the Mall
Source: creepysantaphotos

#11. Sometimes, Santa needs to chill, too.
                 Santa at the Mall
Source: doktorseuss

#12."Yes, I don't mind having a pooch." "Oh, wait!"
Santa at the Mall
Source: hackmebaby

#13. "Shh! Don't wake them up. They finished their Christmas bedtime story."  
                         Santa at the Mall
Source: biggerstr0nger

14. When Conan O'Brien got to meet Santa.
                    Santa at the Mall
Source: FlyingCrunkman

Source: https://www.ba-bamail.com